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  • Business Professionals & Executives
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My Suffering

Treveal, a Chicago native, moved to Toledo, Oh at the age of 7 where his story of enduring years of extreme emotional trauma began!

Often singled out and alienated for being overweight and stuttering, Treveal's insecurity made him a prime candidate for years of being bullied and later being molested by several people close to him.

As a result, Treveal developed the idea his life was worthless which resulted in a life of recklessness included - being addicted to drugs/alcohol by 18, dropping out of college by and becoming homeless by 19, a violent criminal by 20, being incarcerated several times by 21 and at his lowest point, with a gun to my head, was willing to give my life for a $120 bag of weed.

My Success

Today, Treveal is a devoted Husband of 21 yrs, Father of 4 Amazing Children, Self-Worth Specialist, (Ordained) Associate Pastor, Men’s Mentor, Corporate Leader, Certified Personal Trainer, 2x Published Author, Self-Development Coach and Business Owner earning a 6 figure income per year.

​My life’s story exemplifies the radical self-transformation, sense of self-worth and quality of life that anyone can experience when they learn (WHAT) they already ARE!"


My Service

With extreme passion and transparency, Treveal has been captivating audiences for over 18 years. Through his thought-provoking yet highly applicable messages, Treveal has become known as “the voice they listen to”. As a trusted communicator in both the business and faith-based community, Treveal continues to present innovative ideas that spark the imagination, inspires the soul and calls for lasting life change!

As the founder of iamthepossible®, a company built on the philosophy that “everything you hope to be tomorrow, you already are today”, Treveal is committed to communicating ideas that inspire audiences to see themselves in ways they've never imagined possible!